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PI: Ana-Belle by Terralovespandabears PI: Ana-Belle by Terralovespandabears
Name: Ana-Belle (or Ana for short):
Age: 15
Ability: Cute Charm
Height: 5'0

Ana-Belle has a little jewelry box full of hair bows that she makes herself. She has a lot of paint supplies such as paint brushes and small oil paints in a small drawer. She keeps some earrings her mother gave her as a young child for a lucky charm. She keeps a few dresses that her and her mother made for special occasions outside of school. She loves to keep ballet-looking shoes with her clothes that way she has a matching set for each outfit


:iconnormaltypeplz: Pound

:iconnormaltypeplz: Double Slap

:iconnormaltypeplz: Tickle

:iconnormaltypeplz: Substitute

Personality: Ana-Belle is a very introverted character. She tends to have a hard time talking to new people due to her shyness. Due to this she usually spends her time alone painting in the art room or sewing a new dress together in her dorm room. Whenever she does talk to people her face usually turns rosy red because she's shy. Despite her being shy she is very loving to whoever becomes close to her, she's a smiley fun-loving character. However, she is usually very quiet unless somebody talks to her first.

She is very artistic as she loves to paint something new everyday and when she is bored with painting she is coming up with new fashion ideals for both genders. She is always willing to make something for her fellow classmates. She doesn't not like to fight however, when challenged she'll usually use the move substitute and run away. She herself is a bit feeble which is why her level is lower than her age. She is afraid of hurting other students, so she wants to stay in the Ho-Oh dorm for the arts.

History: Ana-Belle grew up in Nimbasa City where the arts where influenced and lived by.

When Ana-Belle was four years old her parents split up and she now lives with her mother. Sadly though, since her parents had broken up she never heard from her father a lot unless it was a holiday. Her Mother was a Broadway Star for the Pokemon Musical Theater and was always too busy to play with Ana-Belle. Because of this Ana-Belle didn't really know what it was like to get really close to people. The only bond she really knew was the small but close bond with her mother. This contributed to her becoming introverted and extremely shy.

Despite her mother not being around as much she always saw her mom as a role-model. At the age of 6 Ana-Belle because really interested in the arts such as drawing,painting, and fashion. Her goal is to become an artist for movies and Broadway shows. She began to create hair-bows and dresses for the neighborhood. The hair bow she wears in her profile is the first bow she had ever made. When she hit fourteen she found the Pokemon Institute and convinced her mom to join the school. During that time her mother finally began to see how her shyness was taking over Ana-Belle and believed sending her to the Pokemon Institute will help her begin a better life and the ability to trust others.

Other Information: Ana-Belle has a big fear of Socialization and tends to twitch from nervousness.
InfernoNick Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013
Oh hey, a Minccino. Nice...also, welcome to the group, PokeInstitute. ouo
Terralovespandabears Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013  Student Artist
Yeah :3 I love the pokemon its so fluffy ^^. Thanks ^^ everyone in the group seems really nice and the group looks really fun :3.
InfernoNick Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013
No prob, and yeah its nice and fun. - w -'
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